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Shooting Stars – Bonus Set with 40 Shooting Star Discs – Save 11% – now $24.95 @ Szul

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Shooting Stars - Bonus Set with 40 Shooting Star DiscsView Deal
Price Was: $27.95
Saving: $3.00 (11%)
The Shooting Stars Disc System provides daytime and night time fun!

Shooting Stars has a built-in black light charging system. The system ignites the specially coated discs so that when they come out of the shooter, they are fully glowing and streak through the air with a “shooting star” effect.

Both the top and bottom sides of the disc are ignited at the same time. This is achieved by using the staging area built into the body of the Shooting Stars unit.

You’ve never had this much fun in the dark. So let’s get glowing!

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