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RCA RC59I Alarm Clock Radio with iPod Dock – Save 50% – now $19.99 @ Jr

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   By barky 4 years, 5 months ago. | 0 Comments »
RCA RC59I Alarm Clock Radio with iPod DockView Deal
Price Was: $39.99
Saving: $20.00 (50%)
Alarm Clock Radio with iPod Dock by RCA features a 0.6″ green LED display for easy viewing and setting of time. In addition to its iPod dock that not only plays and charges your iPod, but also gives you the ability to wake up to your iPod, instead of the annoying buzzing Sound or random Music on the radio. There is also the smart snooze for Programmable snooze increments, so you don’t have to be confined by a preset gradual wake up timer.
It is 0.6″ green LED display with AM/FM radio with Stereo Tuning, Wake to iPod, radio, or alarm, Smart snooze for programmable snooze increments and Charges iPod while docked.

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