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PANASONIC KXTG4033B PLUS 3 HANDSET CORDLESS PHONE – Save 23% – now $99.99 @ Thesource

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   By barky 4 years, 5 months ago. | 0 Comments »
Price Was: $129.99
Saving: $30.00 (23%)
The Panasonic KXTG4033B DECT 6.0 Plus 3 handset cordless phone features a built-in Digital Answering System that lets you record up to 16 minutes of incoming messages. The talking Caller ID* feature uses text-to-speech technology, announcing the caller’s name between rings and features a block list that can ignore programmed numbers and give them a busy signal if they call again. The DECT 6.0 Plus has 20% more range and voice clarity. It also doesn’t get interference from common household appliances like microwaves, baby monitors, Wi-Fi networks, etc. The large keypad buttons are almost twice the size of standard phone keypad buttons and ensure ease-of-use, while the rubber grip on back of handset allows for easy shoulder cradling. The large 1.8″ white backlit LCD display ensures a natural-looking, paper-like appearance for optimum clarity and legibility anytime of day. The hands-free speakerphone lets you talk on the phone even when you’re busy cooking, cleaning, etc. Up to 6 handsets can be added using only one base unit and one phone jack. (Additional handsets sold separately.)

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