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Samsung Z240 (Unlocked Triband) Flip Phone with Changeable Faceplates + Free Shipping – Save 67% – now $99.99 @ Cellhut

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Samsung Z240 (Unlocked Triband) Flip Phone with Changeable Faceplates + Free ShippingView Deal
Price Was: $299.99
Saving: $200.00 (67%)

This flip-phone offers a sizable amount of good connections to keep you in the game.

With Tri-Band support for a 2G network and a great 2.1-inch screen, you can definitely get in control. The sleek exterior is stylish while maintaining a sense of ease and fashion. The dual speaker speakerphone is mandatory for talking to people without needing to rely on holding the phone for a long duration of time. The internal memory lets you put a lot of applications on the phone with room to spare. A MicroSD slot is available for those moments when you need to store extra information on the device.

Technology for getting known

3G connectivity is available for the fastest speeds in the download arena. The primary camera of 1.3 Megapixels can never let you sown especially when it uses a resolution of 1280×1024. For videocalling, there is another VGA camera. The MP3 player is perfect for getting your songs on and listening to them. Finally, the long-lasting battery will keep the music pumping for hours on end and can remain for many days.

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